Mount Um + 1997 Demo

by Dawning



This release includes some of the best new Dawning material, plus some of the very best old Dawning from back in the 90s.


released May 13, 2016

Vocals and Instruments on Mount Um by Steve Cefala.
Recorded at Freematik Studios in 2014.

Demo 1997 -
Bud Burke- vocals/ guitar
Brian Glover - drums
Steve Cefala - keyboards and bass
Mike Raybald - guitar
Recorded at Jeff Penn Studio

Artwork by (Jessica Bones)
Also special thanks to John Gossard, Phil in France, Bud
and others who helped archive Dawning demos in the past.
Also special thanks to Charity for lyrical ideas and being supportive.



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Steve Cefala Moss Landing, California

Pioneering different sounds in metal since the 90s.

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Track Name: Side A : Pilgrimage to Umunhum (15:52). The Albino Bridge Sacrament (5:00). Bass outro. (:50)
My emotions have always been my achilles heel, the thing that makes me weak.
I do not think of myself as a weak person - a humble servant to my inner longing and lack of satisfaction in life.
But i am weak too. Failure, lack of control, irresponsibilty, and
Accomplishments? What are these?
I see myself to have made accomplishments in my lif, minus the pitfalls of 'life'. Working hard, staying the course, blah, blah, blah. To accomplish more, to have more, to do more was never the statement in mind.
Progression is life, as far as i know it. This always seemed logical,
natural...normal? What did I want from life? What do I want? My only direction is one I think I am still searching for love, acceptance, security, peace.
Peace? What is peace? I've always wanted and needed peace of mind, security, anything to relax the mind, relieve the weakness. Ah yes, that is my weakness, looking for peace.
But, here is what I know:
finding peace within oneself is an impossibility.
No one is ever truly at peace, just fleeting moments of happines. And content only to be upheaved by life's unbearable changes.